How To Stop Biting Nails

What is the best way to stop biting nails? Nail biting is a problem for many people. It is common among children although adults are not exempted from this. If you have developed a nail biting habit then you are not alone. There are still many people who have this problem. Statistics show around 80 million Americans suffer from Chronic Onychophagia, or nail biting. There are many causes of nail biting such as nervousness, stress, hunger, boredom or lack of activities. In some cases, it can be a sign of a mental or emotional disorder.

It’s absolutely difficult to get rid of this habit because it is a nervous habit. It is the one thing that they always have available under their control when they are nervous or anxious about something.

If you are interested to stop biting your nail then follow my tips below.

Buy Fake Nails

When you see fake fingernails on your hands, you will want to leave them alone.  Also, fake nails are not very satisfying to bite.  They don’t have the same consistency or texture, and, in fact, all the satisfaction of biting is taken away with fake nails. This is one of the best way to stop biting your nails.

Paint Your Nail

You will stop biting your nails when you pain them because the taste is pretty disgusting. Nevertheless it does make for a great nail biting prevention because it is crystal clear so there’s no one know that you paint them, and if you happen to put your fingers in your mouth you will be stopped by a very unpleasant taste.

Cut The Nails Short

When you cut your nails to a short length every other day then it makes it very difficult to bite them as there simply isn’t must to get at.

Keep Your Hands Busy

Idle hands will only serve to fuel your habit, so keep them busy. Trying to keep both your hands occupied can help keep them from moving on the way to your mouth.  For those who have something in your hands, it is significantly less likely that you will want that item in your mouth.  Think about holding around a stress ball.

Avoid Stressful Situations

If you primarily begin biting your nails when you go into stressful situations, try your best to prevent them. For instance if you are stressed because of work, do your very best to remain as arranged and efficient as possible. Being disorganized contributes to stress which therefore will cause you to bite your nails over and over again.

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