How To Control Anger

How to control anger? Anger does comes and go naturally. It won’t stay with us forever. Some people can let it go fast while some cannot. Anger is common for human –being. There is no one can avoid anger, it does occur every now and then, and it differs for each person. Anger can sometimes be problem for many peoples’ lives including their love ones. There is really no one wants to be with someone who has bad tempers.

Controlling anger is challenging. Once, it enters our minds, it tends to control us. It can make us do things that may not be acceptable. It sometimes makes us feel sorry of what we did when we were angry. We are not really ourselves, it’s like a demon is inside us.

While it’s not easy to control anger, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. There are ways to control it if you are willing to practice and make it like habit. If you are really serious with controlling anger then follow 3 simple steps below.

Step 1: Stop For A While

When you are angry with anyone or whatever reasons are, don’t burst it out. Try to stop yourself from everything a moment. Do not think of anything, just free your mind that moment. I know it’s hard to pretend that nothing has happened. If you can’t do that then count 1 to 100.

Step 2: Find Reasons

There are many reasons that trigger your emotion. After Finish doing the first step, now it’s time to find reason what does actually make you angry? There are only 2 questions you need to ask yourself. The first one is why are you angry? And the second one is, is it really serious? Finding out reasons is one of the top ways to help you control your emotional at that moment.

Whatever reasons are the cause of your anger, try to focus on what will happen if you burst your temper out. Of course, it may make you feel better, but what effects will follow? Try to answer two questions below:

–    What will your wife, kids, friends, and colleagues feel if you show them your anger?
–    Would you get fired if you said bad words in front of your boss?
Think of things that might happen followed your anger. It will help you calm down fast.

Step 3: Forgive

Forgiving while you’re angry? It’s simple to say than done. Most people don’t know that forgiving is one of the best things human-being like us should do. If you really can forgive someone in your heart, you will find true peace of mind. Don’t just believe me, try it and see what the result is.

Anger can be controlled if you want to work with it. I know it’s difficult, but it really can be done with the effort and practice. You may fail the first time, but don’t let it stop you from trying. You can be successful if your mind is determined to success. There is no one can help you without you helping yourself first.

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