How To Lose 20 Pounds In 2 Weeks

Losing 20 pounds in two weeks can be a hard work but it can be done with the high motivation and effort. You need to find the suitable diet and exercise plans in order to achieve your weight loss target. It’s very important to have a solid plan before you move to the next step.

It requires you to lose 10 pounds a week or almost 1 and half pounds a day. It’s really considered a fast weight loss. The fact, there’s nothing wrong to lose weight that fast but it would be good to consult your doctor first as it may be safe for other, it doesn’t mean it’s safe for you as every person is different.

The effective way to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks is to increase metabolism. Some foods help you boosts metabolic rate such as grapefruit, green tea, yogurt, coffee, almonds, apples, spinach, bean, jalapenos, oatmeal, broccoli, and soy milk. These are foods that kick in your metabolism. Exercise is one of the effective ways to burn calories and fat. It also increase metabolism, which help you lose weight faster.

Choosing the right diet is also very essential. Finding the diet you can stay on for a longer term to lose 20 pounds and keep it off. Look for flavor, variety, and ease of food preparation. Make sure the diet has solid success stories from people like you. You don’t really have to go hungry when you try to lose weight fast. By simply replace high calorie and fat foods to the lower ones is one of the fastest ways to lose weight.

Do not skip any meal when you are trying to lose 20 pounds fast. Many people believe that skipping meal is one of the fastest ways to lose weight. You may lose weight fast at first but what you gain back in a shorter period of time is more than what you lose, which is called yo-yo effect.

It’s best to eat breakfast everyday when one wants to lose weight quick. Breakfast boosts energy, metabolism and fill you up till lunch time. It reduces your hunger; this means you consume less food later of the day. People who have breakfast daily tend to stay healthier and lose weight easier than those who don’t.

Exercise at least 1 hour a day and seven days a week is the best way to lose 20 pounds in two weeks. You may have heard that workout 30 minutes would do. The truth is that exercise 30 minutes a day is only enough to maintain your current weight but there is no impact on fast weight loss. You need to do a lot of exercise to lose weight fast.

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