Drinking Water To Lose Weight

You may be wonder if drinking water to lose weight is possible, the answer is yes. Water helps the metabolism to burn fat faster.Our body contains 60 percents of water for example if you have 100 pounds of weight, you would have 60 pounds of water in your body, therefore, all tissues distributed throughout the body must content water but the amount may be different such as teeth content 5%, bone and fat have 25%, muscles have 80% , etc…Water is one nutrient that the body can not live without, apart from the oxygen that is needed to breathe, so we should always think of the importance of the water. You can starve for a month, but if you don’t drink water for 2-3 day you may be dead because water is an important part in reaction that occur in the body such as absorption of sub-flow of nutrients, excrete waste from the body, in addition water also helps control body temperature.

We should drink enough water to replenish the waste that we lose from bowel movements, urine, perspiration and breath.How much water should you drink every day? It’s a simple question but not easy to answer. Your water need depends on many factors, including your health, how active you are and where you live (people in hot countries need to drink more water than the others). There are no single formula fits everyone. We should drink enough water but you should know how much fluid your body need, you should also know if you drink water to lose weight, if so you must need more than normal but don’t over do it. It’s not good to have a lot of water in your body, what I mean is much more than your body need, it’s dangerous then.

We also get water from food we consume such as rice, eggs, meat, fruit, and vegetable. If you want to know if you have enough water or not, you just have to notice the color of your urine, if the urine has pale yellow to clear then it’s ok. It may be incredible that water is an important part to lose weight. Although many people drink water because of the need, but in reality, water is wonderful food to help maintain shape permanently. Water can hold your appetite and help the metabolism to burn fat faster rate.

The research has found that drinking less water will cause accumulation of more fat, but drinking more water helps to reduce the accumulation of fat so we know that drinking water to lose weight is possible.In addition, kidneys need water to be able to work properly. They can’t work effectively if the body does not have enough water. When the kidneys do not work normally, the liver will have to work harder. The main function of the liver is accelerated metabolism of fat that accumulates in the draft to become energy, but the liver has to work for kidneys so it can’t serve the main core, thus it results the metabolism burns less fat. It then increases the accumulation of body fat.Water helps relief constipation. If the body has less water then the excretory is difficult which is the cause of constipation, but it can be solved by drinking enough water.Remember that drinking enough water will stimulate the body system to be ready to work. The blood flows working sufficient. The heart works less. You won’t get tired easily.

You will have clean fresh breath, bright eyes, no aphthous ulcer, and no wrinkle. Excreting waste is convenient, not constipated, clear urine. You would not have back pain. Kidneys function properly, and water can help you lose weight so water weight loss is one of the method you can use if you are losing weight.

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