How To Lose 50 Pounds In A Month

How long does it take to lose 50 pounds? You know you can actually lose 50 pounds in a month. It is not easy to lose a lot of weight fast, keep it off will be even harder. You have to follow a very stick diet and do lots of exercise for that, plus it is not the healthy way to lose 50 pounds in 30 days. You would definitely lose muscle mass and water weight. The fact, you can lose 60 to 80 pounds a month for some occasions, but it must be under physician care. Anyway, it’s best to consult your doctor first for your own safety.What is considered safe for other, it doesn’t mean it’s safe for you.Lose 50 pounds fast is possible, but it could be dangerous, you would probably gain it back in no time, that’s just temporary.

Losing 50 pounds in 1 month could lead you to develop serious diseases; the weight you lose is not only the body fat, but water weight and muscle mass. The water weight will come back in a week or so when you get back to your normal eating pattern. Once you lose muscle mass, the metabolism works slower. The result, you gain weight back quicker than when you lose it.

The best way to lose 50 pounds is to lose body fat; it takes time to do that. You don’t expect it to happen fast. Actually, you can lose weight fast but it can’t be a long term. Can you take that risk? The risk I am talking about is your muscle cells might tear apart as they lose the resistance to hold the fat, and your metabolism burns calories in a slower rate.

How fast do you want to lose 50 pounds? lose 50 pounds in 30 days, lose 50 pounds in 8 weeks, lose 50 pounds in 3 months, lose 50 pounds in 7 months, lose 50 pounds less than a year, or whatever. You can lose 50 pounds fast (say like one month) if you really want to, but you may asked if that would be the healthy way, the answer would be a big “No”. The best way to lose weight is losing 1 or 2 pounds a week, So to lose 50 pounds, it would take up to at least 5-12 months, this is the healthy and best way to do.You know positive thinking helps you to lose weight. The advice below is the best tips for you if you are looking for ways to lose weight.

1. Don’t let the quantity of food control your eating habit: The quantity of food is not what your body need, you should eat enough each meal, don’t eat too much and don’t try to finish everything on your plate, if you feel you have enough already.

2. Drink water: Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Water boosts your metabolism. When you don’t have enough water, your liver has to help the kidneys to function, and the liver can’t complete their main duty. One of the main functions of liver is to burn calories. When the liver has to help the kidney, it burns less fat, and you gain weight.

3. Reduce AFH: A: Alcohol, B: Fast food C: High sugar drinks

4. Put only healthy food in your fridge: Try to store more fruits, fruit juice; try to get rid of cake, butter or other fat stuffs. Find the poster of models to stick in front of the fridge would be great.

5. Have breakfast everyday: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your metabolic rate slows down when you don’t eat breakfast, it means you gain weight.

6. Music: There is a research that said listening to the music you like is like eating the delicious food. If you are hungry but it’s not meal time yet, then try to listen to the music you like, it helps.

7. Put back the clothes: you used to wear when you were not fat in your closet so you would see them everyday, it would remind you to want to wear them again.

8. Drink green tea: When you are in air condition room, drink green tea so you won’t want sweet stuffs.

9. Sleep enough: There is a research that said there is a connection between how much you weigh and the amount of shut-eye you get per night.

10. have a candy when you feel like snacking: Just pick a candy when you feel like snacking. Candy has only 20 calories and it fill your hunger for 20 minutes.

11. Exercise everyday: You have to exercise everyday.Your metabolism will burn more calories when you exercise.

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