Fastest Way To Lose 20 Pounds

What is the fastest way to lose 20 pounds? There are many ways to lose 20 pounds quickly. In theory, one could lose as fast as 20 pounds in a week with the ambitious diet and devoted exercise at least 10 hours a week and it must be under the physician’s care. But today, I am not going to show you how to lose 20 pounds in 1 week because it’s too dangerous if you do the wrong way.There are 3 things you should do to lose twenty pounds quickly:  full-body strength training, clean diet, and some “short and smart” Cardio exercise. If you can combine these together, then your metabolism rises, increase fat burning dramatically, boost your energy, improve your appearance, feel good about yourself, and lose 20 pounds real fast.

Here are simple steps to help you shed off twenty pounds as quickly as you want.

Step 1

Want to shed 20 pounds off fast? Try to lower your calorie consumption and cholesterol levels can help you reach your weight loss target easier. Consuming more vegetables and fruits with fat-burning properties is the best way to lose weight fast. Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber, vitamin and minerals, but low in calories and fat. The fiber contained makes you feel fuller for longer period of time, which reduces you from eating more food.

Step 2

One of the fastest ways to lose 20 pounds is to eat by the clock! You know your body normally gets hungry every three to five hours. It also depends on how much you eat. Eating often throughout the day prevents you from food cravings and bingeing.  Experts agree that eating five to six small low calorie meals a day are much healthier because it allows your body to have constant supply of energy. In addition to that, this weight loss strategy will also prevent mid-meal hunger thus you get to unnecessary eating.

Step 3

Strength training is one of the quickest ways to lose 20 pounds. It allows your body to burn calories more efficiently all day long. Strength training also reduces your risk of injury and creates stronger bones. There are several ways to build muscles, including using your own body weight, resistance tubing and free weights.

Step 4

Full-body workouts are the best workouts to lose 20 pounds fast. These workouts involve all of your body’s major muscle groups. They involve both strength training and cardiovascular exercise. Full body workout plan increases the total energy burned in a shorter period time. Working the whole body in one session helps boost metabolism.

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