How To Lose 70 Pounds

Is it possible to lose 70 pounds? Yes, it is. There are always ways to achieve this weight loss goal. It may not easy but it’s not the hardest thing to do if you are committed to do.Before you start to lose 70 pounds, think of why you are in this state, 70 pounds overweight is huge. It takes time to lose. There are many questions you really have to ask yourself of why you are obese. There are reasons for anything.  You really need to think about what you do every day. Is there anything you can give up or change in order to lose weight? If you can’t change your lifestyle then losing 70 pounds is not for you.

Reduce calories intake

If you are 70 pounds overweight then you need to examine what you eat wrong. The current eating habit must be changed to reach the target weight loss. You may eat a lot of junk foods, sweets and other fatty stuff. These foods must be reduced a great amount if you want to lose 70 pounds. It’s nearly impossible to lose any weight if you can’t control portion size. The fact you can eat anything you want even in a weight loss program but the amount is the most important thing. It’s so stressful to lose weight and not to eat your favorite food at all. The best way is to eat little every now and then. It’s very significant to control your portion of food. Control your portion and you will control your weight.Increase physical activities Only changing eating habit is not enough to lose pounds.

Exercise is very important when you want to lose lot of weight.

Exercise increases metabolism and help your body burn a lot of calorie. Most people don’t get enough exercise usually people who sit all day in front of computers to work. This job forces you to stay inside all day. Try to find at least 30 minutes a day to exercise. It would be best if you could do minutes exercise repeatedly, it makes you lose weight quicker. For a beginner, start 10 -15 minutes exercise for the first week. Don’t spend too much time on exercise when you are new to it because you can easily get injured or pain.

Keep the weight loss plan going

This is the most difficult part. Keeping the weight loss plan going for a long time is not something people can easily follow. Losing your first 10 pounds at first is easy but after your body is adapt the new change then it’s difficult to drop any weight. You really need to keep pushing harder by continuing your diet and exercise plan. If you can get through this challenge then you will definitely lose 70 pounds.

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