Pu Erh Tea Weight Loss

What is Pu Erh Tea?

Pu-Erh tea comes from the Yunnan highlands of China. It is black tea that goes through a microbial fermentation procedure after the leaves are dried and rolled. Pu-Erh tea contains relatively high amounts of gallic acid.It’s sold as compressed tea in bricks, discs, or balls.

Pu-erh leaves are processed diversely than green tea leaves. They are oxidized very similar to an oolong tea, but not as long as black tea. The leaves are then dried loose or compressed into tea bricks that look like bird nests.

Pu Erh Tea Weight Loss

Can pu erh tea help you lose weight? PuErh Tea is one of the effective weight loss tea. Drink a cup of Pu Erh Tea after your meal can efficiently activate your metabolism and accelerate fat decomposition.

Pu ERh Tea can help you lose weight, but you won’t see the result instantly. Drink Pu Erh Tea is useful to the body, since it has other features like anti-cancer, lipid lowering, beauty, anti-radiation, anti-aging etc.

Pu-erh tea is typically consumed in areas in China where people eat a lot of high fat diet, for instance Yun Nan and Tibet. This has prompted some scientists, researchers, and experts to consider it could be used to neutralize the fat consumed.

Pu-Erh tea actually works: extracts from this Chinese tea promote weight loss. Japanese researchers at Fukuoka University have demonstrated the slimming effects of Pu-Erh tea in a human study, published recently in Nutrition.

Other Health Benefits Of Pu Erh Tea

Pu-erh tea has caffeine, even though less caffeine than other teas. Caffeine functions by stimulating the central nervous system, heart, and muscles. Pu-erh tea also has antioxidants and other ingredients that can assist protect the heart and blood vessels.

There is attention in applying pu-erh tea for lowering cholesterol due to the fact that, it contains small amounts of a chemical called lovastatin. Lovastatin is a prescription medicine used for lowering cholesterol.

Pu erh tea weight loss is may be true, keep in mind that you can’t lose weight just by drinking any tea. The tea is just a helper. To lose weight, you need to corporate healthy diet and regular exercises. Don’t think that you will lose weight fast by drinking pu erh tea.

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