How To Lose Hip Fat

Hip fat on the thighs cause a lot of concern and embarrassment for women. Do you want to get rid of hip fat fast? To lose fat hips, you must cut down on your body fat. It’s not important how much exercise you do, you can’t lose fat in one area of your body alone. You have to lose weight in general in order to lose hip fat.

Healthy Diet

It’s impossible to lose hip fat if you don’t eat healthy. Your diet is a very important component to weight loss.  Include olive oil, salmon, nuts, fiber rich fruit, whole grains, dairy products and a lot of fruit and vegetables including at least 3 servings of calcium rich green leafy vegetables every day to maximize your weight loss process. These foods are ingested gradually through your body, that’s why you don’t feel hungry soon.  Drink Green tea everyday is a good way to boosts your metabolism and helps build immunity.

Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises are the best way to lose fat from the body. A complete cardio workout will speed the metabolism and burn calories. Try to maintain a consistent schedule that includes thirty to forty five minutes of aerobic exercise three to four times a week or more. Do more cardio to lose hip fat fast.


Squats are among the very best fat burning exercises. Stand straight with some range between your legs. Then sit down and lower the body. But stop when you are about to sit and stand up again. This is one of the best ways to get rid of hip fat fast.


Running is certainly one of the best exercises to get rid of big calories. In addition, it helps increase your metabolic rate throughout the day. Actually, you are able to burn up to 694 calories in 60 minutes. Simply because when you run, you’re working the muscles in butt, legs and thighs, these largest calorie- and fat-burning muscles in your body. That’s why you can also lose hip fat.

Step ups

Step ups deliver the results same like running; they increase your heart rate up and work your butt and thigh parts for highest caloric burn. Stay in front of a small bench or stair. Leading with your left foot, step totally onto the bench. Take your right foot up right after your left is placed. To go back to the beginning placement, head with your right foot and move backward onto the floor. Hold your back straight and your stomach muscles pulled in throughout the exercise.

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