How To Lose 5 Pounds In A Week

Do you want to lose 5 pounds in one week? It’s a must to be sincere, patient and really work hard to change your habits. Losing this amount of weight in this short period of time is not easy, so it’ll take a great deal of commitment on your part to reach this weight target. You will need to have a good plan in order to do it successfully. Let us discuss how you can actually lose five pounds in one week.

Eat Protein

Can high protein diet help you lose weight? You know that high protein diets have become a popular way to lose weight because emerging research has hinted that protein may be able to satisfy hunger better than either fats or carbohydrates. The new study indicates that eating more high quality protein will increase the amount of leucine, an amino acid, in the diet, helping a person maintain muscle mass and reduce body fat during weight loss.

Eat Fiber

Can you lose weight by eating high fiber foods? There’s more and more evidence to suggest that eating a high-fiber diet can help you lose weight. Our body can’t digest fiber so it stays longer in our stomach. We can’t absorb any calories from it. But we can reap a multitude of health benefits.  It makes you feel full, so you eat less. Also, foods that are high in fiber–such as beans, vegetables and fruits–tend to be low in calories, so you can eat a greater volume of food.

Always Have Your Breakfast

If you want to lose 5 pounds in a week then you should eat breakfast every day. Eating breakfast reduces your hunger later in the day, making it easier to avoid overeating. Eating breakfast gives you energy, increasing your physical activity during the day. Eating breakfast actually increases your metabolism and causes you to burn more calories over the course of the day. People who eat breakfast regularly tend to eat a healthier diet. Skipping breakfast has already been established as a risk factor for being overweight.

Cut Down On Your Junk Food

If you really want to lose 5 pounds in a week, you have to reduce amount of junk food intake. You would be able to lose five pounds faster if you don’t eat any fast food at all for the week you’re losing weight.

Burn Calories Daily

In order to lose five pounds in a week, it requires you to burn more calories than what you consume. All physical activity burns calories, even activities like standing, sitting and sleeping. The more vigorous an activity, the more calories burned. To lose 5 pounds, you must burn 17,500 calories. To reach your weight loss goal, you need to burn 2,500 calories a day.

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