How To Lose 75 Pounds

There are many people have problem to lose 75 pounds.  You know It is not hard if you follow the right steps. You should know that the basic rule of weight loss is to consume less than what you burn. Do you want to know the easy way to lose 75 pounds fast without much effort? One more important thing is that you won’t lose any weight if you are not willing to change your lifestyle. Without much effort, you would never meet your weight loss goal.

It would take you 9 and half months to shed 75 pounds off if you reduce 2 pounds a week. It requires you decrease 1000 calories a day to lose 2 pounds a week. It can be done by moderate exercise 45 minutes repeatedly a day and two times a week. You can walk in moderate pace 45 minutes in the morning and the other 45 in late afternoon or evening after you finish work or school.

It would be easier if you combine two methods together. You can burn 500 calories by doing exercise and the rest by decrease calories intake.

Do not starve yourself to lose weight.  It’s the calories that matter most. You can be full and satisfy and still be able to lose weight if you replace high calorie and fat foods with the lower ones.

Below are steps to help you lose 75 pounds.

1. Eat An Apple Or Drink One Glass Of Water Before Meal.

It makes you feel full for less when you eat an apple or drink a glass of water before your main meal. It does really help to reduce calories intake.

2. Decrease High Calories Foods And Drinks.

If you want to lose 75 pounds, high calorie foods and drinks must be gone or reduced a great amount. Finally, you will end up gaining weight instead.
Soda and high calorie drink is full of empty calories. They contain high sugar. You are most likely gain weight real fast by consuming lot of these drinks. You know you can simply lose one pound a month by cutting one can of soda a day.

3. Eat More Fiber Foods.

They are good for your health. You can reach your weight loss goal faster if you eat more high fiber foods. They are low in calorie and fat but high in vitamin and mineral. Fiber takes longer time to digest, thus it stays longer in your stomach.

You can see that losing 75 pounds is not rocket science. By reducing 2 pounds a week, you can lose 75 pounds in 9 months. 2 pounds doesn’t seem to be a lot of weight, but it’s a very healthy weight to be shed off in a week as most experts claimed.

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