Danger Of Rapid Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight fast? If you think of shedding pounds off real quick, then think again! The fact is, yo can actually lose 50 pounds in a month if you want to, but you must realize what would happen after that. I can tell you that it is dangerous. It may cause many major health problems.

Even if you can lose weight fast, the weight you lose, is not only fat but muscle mass and water weight too. When you lose water, you become dehydrated, it causes your skin-dryness and hair loss. Being dehydrated is dangerous; it could be fatal.

Having more muscle makes your body burn more calories. I don’t think you want to lose your
muscle mass. I means when you have more muscle mass, your metabolism works harder and the fat is burned faster. Muscle is what makes your body healthy. Metabolism is the process by which your body converts your food intake into energy. Losing muscle causes weakness too.

When you lose weight fast, you can gain it back fast too. It’s called yo-yo affect. Yo-yo-dieting, also known as weight cycling, is the repeated loss and regain of body fat due to excessive hypocaloric dieting.

75-90% of the people who lose weight on a diet regain the pounds after their diet ends. So cites a study in the nutrition research clinic of Baylor College School of Medicine. And 95% of people who lose 40 pounds or more were the most likely to regain it back. This back and forth weight gain and loss, a typical unhealthy pattern, has been termed the Yo-Yo-Effect.

Eating much less in order to lose weight fast can cause anorexia. Anorexia is an eating disorder where people starve themselves. People suffering from eating disorder are very skinny but always think that they are overweight, and they tend to lose it. They are fear of being fat, even though they are already very skinny.

Losing weight fast can do no good to your health. Before you go after it, you should consider the danger of doing so.

Losing weight takes time. You should follow the recommendations of losing 1 or 2 pounds a week. It’s the very healthy way. You should also eat enough nutrients your body need and exercise regularly to be healthy and avoid being obese.

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