How To Lose Weight Successfully

Besides changing eating habit, proper exercise can lead to lose weight successfully. While, you’re exercise, your body burns stored calories and reduces fat.

Running is one of the good exercises for everyone but you should do at least 20-30 minutes repeatedly and 3 days a week. Some people may ask what to do when I have no time for exercise as I am too busy with work and feel tired to do any exercise. Today, I am going to show you how to lose weight successfully.

The reasons you should exercise more when you want to lose weight.

1. Exercise helps your body boosts metabolism. If you have high blood pressure, exercise can help you take control of it.

2. Exercise controls your hunger. Researchers found that regular exercise can actually reduce appetite.

3. If you use drugs or other weight loss supplements to help you lose weight fast, it reduces your muscle mass and water weight.

4. Exercise can decrease stress. Many people eat to relief stress. Yes, it can help when you’re eating but later on you will have more things to worry about. You gain weight. With a proper exercise can reduce stress.

5. Exercise makes you feel good about yourself. It also gains you confidence. It can lead you to success on many things.

How to add more activities to your daily life

1. Use stairs instead of elevator.

2. When you feel stress or have free time, go for walk or play the sport you like.

3.  Use bicycle to work or school if it’s not too far or park your car a bit further so you can walk to work.

4.  If you have chance, travel somewhere with friends. There are many things to do like go out for adventure, hiking, go out to explore the forest, and so on. You’ll have fun and lose weight.

5. Get involve with society activities such as walking or running, marathon and so on.

6. Take your dog or the ones you love for walk before dinner time.

7. You shouldn’t gradually increase amount of time you exercise. It would be good to start a 10 minutes exercise per day in the first week and then 15 in the second week. Gradually add more time to prevent you from injury.

Researches show that losing only 2 pounds can reduce blood pressure from 2.5 to 1.7. People who have blood pressure would need less medicine when they lose weight regularly.

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