Sauna Benefits

Taking a sauna is seen as a good way to enhance one’s overall sense of well-being and is thought to be a beneficial leisure activities.
Proponents argue it reduces stress, energies the nervous system and reduces the symptoms of arthritic disease.

But it is also important to know the potential negative heath impacts, especially for those with extremes of blood pressure, or pregnant women.
Ms. Loungthong has been running a sauna business for more than 10 years. She believes taking a sauna is very beneficial for one’s health, as it can be helpful for some illnesses and the nervous system. She also said an ever-increasing number of people were keen to spend their time in a sauna, she hears first hand about the many sauna benefits gained as she talks with her customers about their sauna experiences.

According to Ms. Loungthong, customers have often experienced problems with their nervous system, such as a backache or headache.

Taking regular sauna sessions helps them to manage their symptoms and generally improve their heath and comfort.

Ms. Noi is one of her regular customers. She has been a regular at Ms.Loungthong’s sauna ever since it first opened in Thongkhankham village. It is now located in Nongbouathong-neua village.

Ms. Noi said a constant backache has been treated with many types of medicines, but they did her no good. She went to hospital in Vientiane, where a doctor explained to her the importance of vitamins B6 and B12. He said the vitamins would help reduce stress and strengthen the nervous system.
” I took lots of vitamins, but they didn’t make me any better.

“My friends introduced me to the sauna, insisting I go with them. I began having saunas the same month and I felt it worked for me. I no longer suffer pains in my back, but I still have a sauna every weekend, ” Ms Noi said.

She stopped taking the tablets soon after visiting the sauna.
“I talk with others who come here regularly. Many of them say they also experienced back pain, just as I did, but they now feel better. I think some of herbal treatments Ms.Loungthong puts in the steam include remedies that are beneficial to the nervous systems.”

In Ms.Noi case, she says regular saunas have helped to build up her thin frame and she has gained a few kilograms.

” I feel hungry when I have sauna. Every time I go I eat a lot afterwords which is good for me because I am so thin,” she said.

Ms.Loungthong said she began studying traditional herbal medicine a long time ago. Following graduation, she got a job at a research institute that specialized in medicinal plants.

She took time from her work for more than a decade due to family commitments, but never stopped promoting the efficacy of herbal medicine and sauna treatments.

However, her belief in the sauna benefits comes with an important caveat, especially aimed at protective mothers.

“Having a sauna is good for one’s health in general, but people who want a sauna should learn something about the pros and cons first.

“Some people shouldn’t have a sauna, particularly those who have either high or low blood pressure.”

“The heat can increase high blood pressure, while making people with low blood pressure feel drowsy. And a pregnant woman can’t have sauna because she might miscarry.”

Ms. Loungthong says the best approach is to take a bath before entering the sauna.
“Taking a warm bath will help adjust the body to the temperature inside the sauna. If somebody is having a sauna for the first time, they ought to spend only two or three minutes in the steam. Then they should come out and have a rest, drinking a few cup of lukewarm water.”

“Staying inside the sauna for 3-5 minutes at a time is the best way to enjoy the experience and gain heath benefits.”

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