Danger Of Anorexia –Why Is Anorexia Dangerous

It’s very important to understand why anorexia is dangerous. There are many health risks involved and it is a life-threatening disease. If you or your love ones have this problem then it’s time to learn more about what will happen to your physical and mental health if you don’t seek help immediately. Anyway, you are not alone. Treatment is available when you are willing to change yourself but today I am not going to talk about anorexia treatment. I will explain how anorexia can damage your body and mind.

What are health problems of being anorexic? The most severe case, people can die from this disease suddenly. Other problems are as below.

Heart Problem

Anorexia can destroy heart. Your heart’s volume decrease when you intake less food. Your body goes into starvation mode. Starvation mode is the only way to survive with very little food, your body will use as little as possible and store anything it can but once there’s nothing left, it’ll start consuming organs, that’s why heart failure can happen any time and it’s one of the sudden death in anorexic people. Anorexia can increase unusual heartbeat. It can lead to serious heart arrhythmia, irregular rhythms or rates in the resting heart.

Kidney Problem

You may not know that anorexia can cause kidney disease. It can lead to kidney failure and kidney infection. Your kidneys work as cleaning the waste out of your body system, when the kidney does not work properly, you know what will happen.

Bone Loss

Study has shown that anorexic people has low bone density. Bone loss is one of the most dangerous problems of anorexia. What’s the reason behind bone loss? The main reason is when your weight decreases; your body does not produce estrogen. This estrogen has something to do with the bone density.


Dehydration is very common among anorexic. Dehydration happens because of eating less food and drink. Your body needs enough fluid to work normally. One of the most dangerous case is dehydration can cause kidney failure.


Most anorexic people have depression. They are not happy with themselves and they have low self esteemed. it can lead to suicide easily.

Being Anorexic is very dangerous. Everyone who has anorexia need treatment, although you, or your loved one has only a few signs of anorexia, try to seek help as soon as possible. Please accept the fact that you have problem and this problem can treat with the proper health care. If your condition is serious, don’t hesitate to see doctor immediately.

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