Lose weight the right way is not difficult

Friday, May 26th, 2017

I want to lose weight fast but I can’t control my diet. What should I do? Most people want to lose weight as fast as possible. Below are the tips to help you lose weight the right way.

  1. You should drink enough water. Water will help you feel full for a longer period of time.
  2. Eat healthy snacks.
  3. Eat home cook food.
  4. Exercise every day.
  5. Eat five to six small meal every day.

How to lose 50 pounds in 7 months

Saturday, November 14th, 2015

Losing 50 pounds within 7 months is achievable with the right diets and exercise. 50 pounds is a lot to lose. It’s very important that you gradually lose weight. Losing 1-2 pounds a week is a healthy weight loss. 7 months for fifty pounds is very healthy. Below are tips to help you shed fifty pounds off within 7 months.

  1. Set goal: Remember you have a goal to achieve so please stick with it. Tell yourself that I will lose weight, I will look beautiful and I can do it no matter what. This will give you motivation to work with your weight loss.
  1. Plan your diet: You don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight. By adding healthy food to your diet helps a lot. Try to eat more fruit, vegetable, lean protein, and wholegrain. Reduce high calorie food, processed foods, white carbohydrates and sugary treats.
  1. Exercise: Set your goal to burn at least 500 calories every time you do the exercise. When combined with cutting 800 to 1,050 calories out of your diet plan per day and add more physical activities throughout the day, this will help you to lose 2-3 pounds a week.
  1. Drink enough water every day: Drinking enough water is very important to maintain your weight and improve your health. When you drink water, it helps to keep your stomach full in long period of time. Next time when you’re hungry drink a glass of water before you eat. It’ll make you eat less.
  1. Prepare your own food: It’s best to cook your own food. This way you know you can have healthy food. You can choose healthy options and control your portion. Eating out is not good for your diet.

Control what you have to eat and exercise regularly is the best way to lose weight and keep it off. Losing a lot of weight takes time and patience. You don’t gain weight over night. It goes the same when you want to lose it. Just don’t give up and stick with it. You can do it. It’s not easy doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

How To Lose 30 Pounds In 3 Weeks

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Losing 30 pounds in 3 weeks is such a big weight loss goal.  Before you go after it, make sure you beware of 2 important things. First, it’s can cause health problems as it’s very difficult for you to go through those 3 weeks. Second, it won’t be healthy because most of the weight you lose will be water and some muscle. When you are back to your normal eating habit, your weight comes back so quickly. If you are sure that you can do that, here are the steps you can follow.


To achieve this weight loss goal, you will need to lose about 10 pound a week. A pound is equal to 3,500 calories that means dropping about 5,000 calories a day. On average normal people consume about 2,500 calories. You can see that how difficult it is to reach this weight loss target.

Talk To Doctor

It would be wise to talk to professionals to see if it’s possible for you to lose a lot of weight in shorter period of time.  It can cause problems, but it doesn’t mean it’s not possible. You just have to make sure that it’s safe for you.

Cut back on discretionary calories

Try to avoid all junk foods especially sugary food and all sweet drinks. These foods and drinks are high in calorie and fat but very low in nutrition.

Focus on healthy Diet

Eat more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and food that are high in fibers and lastly, drink a lot of pure water. These foods tend to stay longer in your stomach, it makes you feel full for loner period of time, plus it’s very nutritious.

Add More Physical Activity To Your Day

Exercise is very good for your health. It doesn’t only help you lose weight, but improve your overall health. It’s very hard to lose a lot of weight without exercise. Try to add more physical activity to your daily life will help you burn extra calories.

Losing thirty pounds in three weeks is not easy but it’s possible if you are determined to change your diet and exercise. You have to be strict to follow the plans carefully. One more important thing is to consult doctor to make sure that the weight loss you are going to go after is safe for you.

How To Lose 50 Pounds In 2 Weeks

Sunday, May 19th, 2013

You may wonder if it’s possible to drop 50 pounds as fast as 2 weeks. Well, you will need to lose 25 pounds in a week which is unreachable weight loss goal. It’s not possible to lose that much weight is very short period of time. It’s dangerous, plus you won’t make it. You should know that losing 50 pounds is possible but it will take time. Keep in mind that you don’t gain it overnight so it goes the same when you want to lose it.

How to lose 50 pounds the healthy way

You can actually lose 50 pounds the healthy way if you combine healthy eating and exercise every day.  Foods you should eat include lean protein, whole grains, a lot of fruits and vegetables, plus a small amount of good fats. Foods you should avoid include high calorie and fat foods such as junk foods, soda, and other sweetened drinks. The best exercise is to combine between cardio and strength training.  One more important thing is to drink a lot of pure water and eat breakfast every day. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it can help you lose weight by reducing calorie intake from snacks you may have before lunch time.

How can you lose in 2 weeks?

As most diet experts recommend that losing 1-2 pounds a week is the healthy way to lose weight so you can lose about 2-4 pounds in 2 weeks. If you have a lot to lose, this doesn’t seem appeal to you, right? Well, in fact, you can lose more than that and still be healthy. How much you can lose in 2 weeks depends on many factors.  If you have a lot to lose, it’s no problem to lose a lot, 5-10 pounds a week is really possible.  One more thing you should know that when you lose weight too fast, most of the weight you lose is water and muscle.

Losing 50 pounds in 2 weeks is not what you should go after. It’s too fast and dangerous. Losing a lot of weight take time. You need to change your eating habit. This is very important because if you still eat the same, your weight is the same. Remember, you are what you eat. Try to increase your physical activity will help you lose weight faster. Every move you make, you burn calories.

How To Lose 40 Pounds In 6 Months

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Do you wonder if it’s possible to lose 40 pounds in 6 months? Of course, you can do that. There are many healthy ways to help you lose weight. If you are 40 pounds overweight then it’s a must to do something about it. Being overweight can cause many health problems. You may have tried many methods but it didn’t work. Do you ever wonder why it doesn’t work for you? You know any method does work if you want it to work but the problem is you can’t keep up with the program or rules of losing weight.
In order to lose 40 pounds in six month you must do the following

Eat Less Than what you burn

You will never lose weight if you still keep your old eating habit. It’s very important to change your diet. Many people think it’s hard to do that. Yes, I agree that it’s not easy, but if you want to lose weight you need to eat less than what your body burns. It would be good if you could write down everything you put in to your mouth so you can check what you eat wrong. You will be surprised of how much food you eat every day.

Increase Physical Activity

Try to do everything yourself because every move you make, you burn calories. If you don’t have time for exercise, you can still do something else for example doing house cores, take your dogs for walk, using steps instead of elevator and so on…it’s very important to add more physical activities in your daily life. You will see result faster by combing exercise and controlling food intake.

Avoid High Calorie Foods And Drinks

Try to stay away from junk foods and soft drink. It makes you fat and brings you many health issues. These foods and drinks are high in calories and fat. You will only gain weight if you keep consuming these unhealthy foods. So it’s a must to avoid high calories foods and drinks if you are serious about losing 40 pounds in 6 months.

Drink Enough Water

Drinking water is very important if you want to lose weight. Drink 2 glasses of water after you get up and a glass of water before you go to bed. During the day, you should eat least drink 8 glasses of water or more depending on how active you are. If you drink a glass of water before your meal, it helps you to eat less.

How To Lose 40 Pounds In 4 Months

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

Many people may be wondering if it’s possible to lose 40 pounds in 4 months. The quick answer is yes but how to do that? This article has solution to help you lose weight. You may have read many articles about weight loss and used many weight loss products, have you ever wondered why none of them seem to work for you?  Are those articles lying? Or doesn’t the weight loss product really work?

Change Your Mind Set

Most of the articles or books you have read about losing weight do work if you follow them. The problem is about yourself, you are not determined enough to lose weight. If you set your mind that you can do it, you can. Tell yourself that there’s nothing you can’t do and everything is possible. You can write down your goal that you will lose 40 pounds in 4 months and put it everywhere in your home, especially in the kitchen and fridge. This is to remind yourself what your goal is.

Change Your Eating Habit

It is very easy to say in term of changing eating habit but it’s really difficult in practice. If you are not strict enough with yourself, you can’t do it. We are used to what we eat for our whole lives, all of sudden we can’t eat this anymore, it’s frustrated. At the end, we will definitely go back to our old habit. There are really a few people can do this. There are actually 2 ways to do. The first way is just tell yourself out loud that you can do it then change to healthy lifestyle quickly(This way is very hard but if you are determined enough, you can do it). The second way is to gradually adapt to new eating habit for example if you drink 3 cans of soda a day , the first month try to cut 1 can a day, second month 2 cans a day and the third month you drink 4 cans a week, then 3 cans a week… something like this. You can still have your favorite food but in moderation amount. You will see that a little change each day can make a huge weight loss in the long run.

Physical Activity

Being active is very important to lose weight and be healthy. Of course, you can lose weight by limiting calorie intake a lone but it’s not the effective way to lose weight. If you can combine between reducing calorie intake from food and exercise, you will lose weight and be healthy at the same time.  Most people always have excuses of having no time to exercise, you have to work, you are tired or you have to take care of your kids. In fact, every movement you make, you burn calories. We can adapt our daily lifestyle as a way to exercise. How to do this? Try to do everything by yourself. Cleaning house can also help you lose weight. Park your car a bit further, so you can walk more. Take steps instead of elevator, play with your kids in the yards, and many more things you can take advantage of them. We call this as turn the crisis to opportunity.

You can see that losing weight is about yourself. If you think you can do it, you can. Don’t postpone date of starting. Starting now and be confident with yourself. There is no problem to eat what you like but in moderation. Losing weight can improve your health in many ways and you will be happier with yourself. Stay motivating and you will reach your goal.

how to lose 40 pounds in 6 months

Danger Of Anorexia –Why Is Anorexia Dangerous

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

It’s very important to understand why anorexia is dangerous. There are many health risks involved and it is a life-threatening disease. If you or your love ones have this problem then it’s time to learn more about what will happen to your physical and mental health if you don’t seek help immediately. Anyway, you are not alone. Treatment is available when you are willing to change yourself but today I am not going to talk about anorexia treatment. I will explain how anorexia can damage your body and mind.

What are health problems of being anorexic? The most severe case, people can die from this disease suddenly. Other problems are as below.

Heart Problem

Anorexia can destroy heart. Your heart’s volume decrease when you intake less food. Your body goes into starvation mode. Starvation mode is the only way to survive with very little food, your body will use as little as possible and store anything it can but once there’s nothing left, it’ll start consuming organs, that’s why heart failure can happen any time and it’s one of the sudden death in anorexic people. Anorexia can increase unusual heartbeat. It can lead to serious heart arrhythmia, irregular rhythms or rates in the resting heart.

Kidney Problem

You may not know that anorexia can cause kidney disease. It can lead to kidney failure and kidney infection. Your kidneys work as cleaning the waste out of your body system, when the kidney does not work properly, you know what will happen.

Bone Loss

Study has shown that anorexic people has low bone density. Bone loss is one of the most dangerous problems of anorexia. What’s the reason behind bone loss? The main reason is when your weight decreases; your body does not produce estrogen. This estrogen has something to do with the bone density.


Dehydration is very common among anorexic. Dehydration happens because of eating less food and drink. Your body needs enough fluid to work normally. One of the most dangerous case is dehydration can cause kidney failure.


Most anorexic people have depression. They are not happy with themselves and they have low self esteemed. it can lead to suicide easily.

Being Anorexic is very dangerous. Everyone who has anorexia need treatment, although you, or your loved one has only a few signs of anorexia, try to seek help as soon as possible. Please accept the fact that you have problem and this problem can treat with the proper health care. If your condition is serious, don’t hesitate to see doctor immediately.

Brazilian Butt Lift Workout

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Does The Brazilian But Lift Workout Really Work?

It does work for many people. You can see that Brazilian has a really nice curve and butt. This is because they target specific workout. You can also achieve the same but it will need the proper exercise and eating routine.

What is Brazilian Butt Lift Workout?

It is the booty transformation system that aims the butt from every angle to reduce, tone, and lift your booty into really nice shape.

How It Works

There are 6 steps routine that Leandro Carvalho, creator of the Brazilian Butt Lift Class at Equinox Fitness Clubs in New York City. A little bit about Carvalho, he is a butt master. He designed exercises that target your butt. The 6 steps includes: straight leg lifts, diamond leg lifts, side squats with leg lifts, scissor jumps, Capoeira squats, and squat arabesques.

You can achieve your goal but keep in mind that it is needed Consistency. It’s important to do the workout at least three to four times a week.  Start with 10 or 15 minutes each session if you are a beginner, you can increase the time you spend doing exercises over time.

What is the Secret Triangle Training Technique?

The effective Triangle Training Technique sets the basis for the brazillian but lift to offer the perfect figure. This targeted practice focuses on 3 main butt muscles typically referred to thе gluteus minimus, medius аnԁ maximus.
Carvalho’s exercise targets lower body especially butt but at the same time gives you a good overall body shape.

Butt Lifting Exercises

Doing Butt lifting exercise is very good and targetable when you want to firm your butt. This exercise helps you burn a lot of calories. This workout also helps to tone inner and outer thighs, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, obliques, abdominals and lower back. You will notice the difference in your body tone if you do this workout regularly.

Assure that you stretch before and after to reduce injury . Stick to the guides on the right way to perform the training combined with the amount of repetitions and sets .
The same as any training course, you should discuss with your doctor or a fitness adviser , primarily if you have previous injuries . She can recommend you on how these workouts will cause your body and may be able to give other recommendations.


Rapid Weight Loss Diet Plan About Things You Shouldn’t Do

Monday, December 31st, 2012

You shouldn’t do these habits if you are following the rapid weight loss diet plan. These habits are killing your weight loss.

1. Eat too fast: Eating too fast is not a good way to lose weight. if you are in the weight loss plan, eating too fast doesn’t make the stomach full, so it would make you eating more than normal. You should better eat slowly, shouldn’t hurry when you eat, drink more water during eating it would make you full up quickly plus making your skin moisturized.

2. Eating while watching TV: When you are watching TV you might have snack like cookies or soft drink, you are eating while watching TV . This way you eat a lot without noticing and you know these kind of snacks has high calories. Don’t do this, this is a really bad habit, it would make you gain weight so quickly. If you really like snacking while watching TV then choose the low fat snack like fruit chips, fruit salad , fresh fruit and drink water or fruit juice without sugar instead of Pepsi.

3. Eat because don’t want to throw food away: Many people have been taught to finish the food on the plate and they have been doing so. They would finish everything on their plate no matter if they are full or not, even they are so full but still force themselves to eat as they don’t want to throw the left over food away. This is one of the real bad eating habits if you are on the rapid weight loss diet program then forget about the food left over.

4. Eat because of sadness or bore: Some people is in a sad situation like broken heart, worrying about something or someone is bothering their mind and tons of reason…they end up eating to ease their mind, other thing is you’re bored to death, there’s nothing for you to do so you use eating to be activity that get you out of boring, the end they would have two problems to worry about the second problem is FAT.

Sauna Benefits

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Taking a sauna is seen as a good way to enhance one’s overall sense of well-being and is thought to be a beneficial leisure activities.
Proponents argue it reduces stress, energies the nervous system and reduces the symptoms of arthritic disease.

But it is also important to know the potential negative heath impacts, especially for those with extremes of blood pressure, or pregnant women.
Ms. Loungthong has been running a sauna business for more than 10 years. She believes taking a sauna is very beneficial for one’s health, as it can be helpful for some illnesses and the nervous system. She also said an ever-increasing number of people were keen to spend their time in a sauna, she hears first hand about the many sauna benefits gained as she talks with her customers about their sauna experiences.

According to Ms. Loungthong, customers have often experienced problems with their nervous system, such as a backache or headache.

Taking regular sauna sessions helps them to manage their symptoms and generally improve their heath and comfort.

Ms. Noi is one of her regular customers. She has been a regular at Ms.Loungthong’s sauna ever since it first opened in Thongkhankham village. It is now located in Nongbouathong-neua village.

Ms. Noi said a constant backache has been treated with many types of medicines, but they did her no good. She went to hospital in Vientiane, where a doctor explained to her the importance of vitamins B6 and B12. He said the vitamins would help reduce stress and strengthen the nervous system.
” I took lots of vitamins, but they didn’t make me any better.

“My friends introduced me to the sauna, insisting I go with them. I began having saunas the same month and I felt it worked for me. I no longer suffer pains in my back, but I still have a sauna every weekend, ” Ms Noi said.

She stopped taking the tablets soon after visiting the sauna.
“I talk with others who come here regularly. Many of them say they also experienced back pain, just as I did, but they now feel better. I think some of herbal treatments Ms.Loungthong puts in the steam include remedies that are beneficial to the nervous systems.”

In Ms.Noi case, she says regular saunas have helped to build up her thin frame and she has gained a few kilograms.

” I feel hungry when I have sauna. Every time I go I eat a lot afterwords which is good for me because I am so thin,” she said.

Ms.Loungthong said she began studying traditional herbal medicine a long time ago. Following graduation, she got a job at a research institute that specialized in medicinal plants.

She took time from her work for more than a decade due to family commitments, but never stopped promoting the efficacy of herbal medicine and sauna treatments.

However, her belief in the sauna benefits comes with an important caveat, especially aimed at protective mothers.

“Having a sauna is good for one’s health in general, but people who want a sauna should learn something about the pros and cons first.

“Some people shouldn’t have a sauna, particularly those who have either high or low blood pressure.”

“The heat can increase high blood pressure, while making people with low blood pressure feel drowsy. And a pregnant woman can’t have sauna because she might miscarry.”

Ms. Loungthong says the best approach is to take a bath before entering the sauna.
“Taking a warm bath will help adjust the body to the temperature inside the sauna. If somebody is having a sauna for the first time, they ought to spend only two or three minutes in the steam. Then they should come out and have a rest, drinking a few cup of lukewarm water.”

“Staying inside the sauna for 3-5 minutes at a time is the best way to enjoy the experience and gain heath benefits.”